Great Adventures
MS READ-a-thon
Bionic Jaime 45RPM (JAP)
TV-Movie Series Themes (JAP)
TV Themes Vol. 2
TV Hits Vol. 2
Theme From Star Wars
Joe Harnell "Harnell" (LP)
Hoyt Axton
  "Snowblind Friend" (LP)

All About TV Themes (JAP)
Bambola Bambina
Stuck On TV

Frozen Ghost
  "Nice Place To Visit"

Television's Greatest Hits
  Volume 5

The Film Music Of Joe Harnell
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 4
  "Defenders Of Justice"

The Outfit (Soundtrack)
The Bionic Woman Vol. 1
  "Kill Oscar Parts 1 & 3"

The Bionic Woman Vol. 2
  "Return Of Bigfoot Part 2"

The Bionic Woman Vol. 3
  "Doomsday Is Tomorrow 2"
  "The Martians Are Coming..."

The Bionic Woman Vol. 4
  "Bionic Beauty"
  "Deadly Ringer"
  "Once A Thief"