In the days before the instant media of the internet, the main methods of advertising a weekly television series consisted of televised network promos, episode trailers, newspapers ads, and the ever popular TV GUIDE ads. This page features a sampling of the ads used to promote THE BIONIC WOMAN, along with several Sponsor I.D.s.

1970s ABC-TV Logo   1970s NBC-TV Logo
ABC & NBC Promo Spots

'Winning Is Everything'
"Winning Is Everything"

'The Ghosthunter' Promo
"The Ghosthunter"

Pre-Emption Notice
Pre-Emption Notice

'The Return of Bigfoot II' Promo
"The Return Of Bigfoot" II

The Bionic Woman Is A Winner Promo
The Bionic Woman Is A Winner

'Road To Nashville' Promo
"Road To Nashville"

'Jaime's Shield' II Promo
"Jaime's Shield" II

SMDM 'Kill Oscar' II Promo
SMDM "Kill Oscar" II

'Doomsday Is Tomorrow' I Promo
"Doomsday Is Tomorrow" I

NBC 1977 Promo
NBC 1977 Promo

The Bionic Dog I Promo
"The Bionic Dog" I

Deadly Music Promo
"Deadly Music"

Out Of Body Promo
"Out Of Body"

Long Live The King Promo
"Long Live The King"

Rancho Outcast Promo
"Rancho Outcast"

Episode Trailer Insert Screen
Episode Trailers

Jaime's Mother
"Jaime's Mother"

Mirror Image
"Mirror Image"

Kill Oscar I
"Kill Oscar" I

Black Magic
"Black Magic"

Motorcycle Boogie
"Motorcycle Boogie"

On The Run
"On The Run"

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TV GUIDE & Newspaper Ads

1970s ABC-TV Logo   1970s NBC-TV Logo
ABC & NBC Sponsor I.D.s

Best Foods Sponsor I.D.
"Best Foods Sponsor I.D."

Ken-L Ration Sponsor I.D.
"Ken-L Ration Sponsor I.D."

Coast Soap Sponsor I.D.
"Coast Soap Sponsor I.D."

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