Stan - Jaime Sommers' Classroom Student

Child actor-turned-producer, Todd London, was kind enough to share some of his memories from his time in Jaime Sommers' classroom. Here are the highlights!

JAMES SHERRARD: "Were you a fan of the Bionic shows, or were your appearances strictly work for you?"

TODD: "I was a fan of The Six Million Dollar Man. My father [Jerry London] also directed a few episodes, so I got the opportunity to hang out on the set, and meet the cast. At the time I was a child actor, and when The Bionic Woman pilot rolled around, I got cast as a kid in the classroom. The first time Jamie ripped apart a telephone book, we had to react to it. It was a thrill to get a small part in the pilot, and I remained a fan of the series."

JS: "Did you keep anything from the series? Scripts, wardrobe, etc.?"

TODD: "Sadly I didn't. I think I have a few photos from the set of Six Million Dollar Man."

JS: "What was the set atmosphere like with the other child actors? Playful? Strict? Professional?"

TODD: "Most of the time when we weren't on set, we were in school. So, not a lot of play time. Getting the studio catered lunch was always the big excitement. But in the free time we would wander the lot and sneak onto other sets. I remember going onto the Emergency set and playing in the fire station. I think we had to be schooled at least six hours per day."

JS: "In "Canyon Of Death" there are location scenes outside of the Air Force Base classroom. Do you recall where this was shot?"

TODD: "Dont recall. I recall after filming that day, a bus drove us back to the Universal Lot, and we had to loop all of the lines of dialogue which we shot that day. (basically get a clean recording due to the noise as the base)."

JS: "Taking into account that this was a group of young kids, was there anyone who always wanted to be the center of attention? Anyone who was a total brat?"

TODD: "It was a very professional environment. Don't recall any of the kids being brats. Child actors have to behave like young adults, or they don't work again...most of the time."

JS: "When not doing scenes, did Lindsay Wagner interact with the kids?"

TODD: "I only saw her while we were doing scenes. Due the the limited hours kids can work, she was busy shooting other scenes. But when she walked into the classroom set she was very friendly, and always said hi to us."

JS: "Did you make friends with any of the other kids, and keep in contact with them?"

TODD: "Nope. I only shot on the series for three days, so not much of an opportunity to make friends."

JS: "Looking at your credits on IMDB, I see that you continued in the business behind the camera as a producer. Was this an easy transition for you?"

TODD: "I grew up in the business, so it's always been a part of me. I stopped acting at sixteen, and started to work in editing. On a side note, I'm currently working with Richard Anderson's daughter [Deva] on a project [HBO's The Pacific]. Small world."

JS: "Thanks for taking the time to take a trip into the past."

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  ''Canyon Of Death'' 
Todd as student Stan

''Welcome Home, Jaime'' I

''Welcome Home, Jaime'' I

''Welcome Home, Jaime'' I

''Welcome Home, Jaime'' I

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''Canyon Of Death''

''Canyon Of Death''

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