Lindsay Wagner's Stand-In/Photo Double

Inge as Rudy's assistant Terry

''Welcome Home, Jaime'' II

''The Deadly Missiles'' 
Inge's hand (top) on Bionic leg

''Jaime's Mother'' 
Inge as Ann Sommers

''Mirror Image'' 
Inge as Lisa Galloway

''Bionic Beauty''

''Assault On The Princess''

''Jaime's Shield'' II

''Doomsday Is Tomorrow'' II

''Deadly Ringer'' I

''Beyond The Call''

''The Bionic Dog'' I

''Brain Wash''

''Escape To Love'' 
Inge as the Nurse

Inge as Valerie Brewer

''Over The Hill Spy''

''Which One Is Jaime?''

Inge & James Sherrard 
Photo by Tom McLaren 2007
Lindsay Wagner was not the only person to play Jaime Sommers in the original series. Inge Lindgreen was also hired to play Jaime. What? You say you don't remember her? There is a good reason why you may not be familiar with Inge's name or face. Inge's job was to appear as Jaime in shots that did not require stunt work, or Lindsay Wagner's face to be seen. This would free Lindsay from doing shots such as hand close-ups.

Inge was very gracious to answer my questions over the course of several months in 2007. Here are the highlights.

JAMES SHERRARD: "What was your job on The Bionic Woman?"

INGE: "I was Lindsay's stand-in, and photo double, I also did all the hand inserts and on occasion leg inserts if Lindsay didn't need to be there, and then I would double for her. I also did background work in almost all the episodes. I would double Lindsay if it was an over the shoulder shot, or when they couldn't do blue screen. Rita [Egleston] would do all the major stunts, I would do things that weren't dangerous. No need to pay out the big bucks when the change would do just fine. Rita and Lindsay were paid "a little" more than me."

JS: "How did you get hired for this job?"

INGE: "A mutual friend introduced us. It was just around time her contract had ended with Universal Studios and she had just finished the guest appearance on The Six Million Dollar Man. As I'm sure you know, that was a huge hit and Universal wanted her to do the spin off. This is where I came in, she asked me to be her stand-in, and photo double, we're the same height, same coloring, so it was a natural."

JS: "What was your first episode, and did you work until the end of the series?"

INGE: "I worked on the show along with a few of her specials that she did during that time, from the beginning to the end."

JS: "You must have some amazing memories from your time on the series"

INGE: "It was a wonderful time working on Bionic, of course there were times when it didn't seem so wonderful...up at the crack of dawn, working outside when it was freezing or blazing hot until late at night and then doing it all again the next day. Not quite the glamorous life, but now looking back it was great to be involved with such an amazing group of people and to be a small part of history."

JS: "Did you deal with any "Bionic" props when doing hand and leg inserts?"

INGE: "I did deal with the props, which I must say was a gas...breaking things, ripping things off walls, kicking in doors etc...what a power trip! "I am woman hear me roar" hey it was the 70s after all."

JS: "When you doubled Lindsay, did you have your own wardrobe?"

INGE: "I didn't have my own wardrobe, I wore Lindsay's outfits. The wardrobe lady always bought three or four of the same articles of clothing, for doubling, distressing, stunts, etc., but I never got to keep any of it. Lindsay did if she wanted it, but not me, however, if there had been something I really wanted, I'm sure Lindsay would have spoken up for me. She was just that way, she treated her crew with respect and friendship."

JS: "You played Rudy Wells lab assistant Terry in Biofeedback. Did you play any other characters?"

INGE: "I played a nurse in Escape To Love, besides the Biofeedback episode, those were the only speaking parts I had, the rest were all body double and background work. I don't remember the episode, I think it was the one where they are creating an evil twin for Jamie [Mirror Image], but there is a scene where Jamie is in the hospital all badged up from head to toe, shooting some type of dart. That's me, not Lindsay. She was in a terrible accident, we had to wrap the episode so I filled in for her in all the scenes I could."

JS: "Did you work with anyone who left you star-struck?"

INGE: "By far my all time favorite was Vincent Price. I can kick myself that I didn't get his autograph! Evel Knievel was also fun, he gave everyone on the crew a signed bottle of Lafite Rothschild (I know at the time it was a pretty expensive bottle), I still have it displayed. There was also Donald O'Connor, Julie Newmar, Stefanie Powers (whom I also got to double for on the show), so many great stars."

JS: "Jaime Sommers was an amazing role model for my generation."

INGE: "Lindsay and the show did empower young girls of that era, it was the first time they had a contemporary woman in a strong role to look up to. I know when someone finds out that I worked on the show, I'm told over and over again how important it was for them and how much strength Lindsay or Jamie gave them. Bionic Woman was truly ground breaking, I was and am proud to be associated with it. Every time I meet a younger person with the name Jamie or Lindsay, it makes me smile knowing their mothers were probably Bionic Woman fans."

JS: "What has your life been like since The Bionic Woman ended?"

INGE: "All in all, I've had a pretty wonderful life, I have two beautiful amazing daughters, I'm married to a great man, I've had some interesting jobs and worked with some truly gifted people, who could ask for anything more?"

JS: "It was very kind of you to take the time to answer my questions. Thank you so much for sharing your memories, and for helping to create a television classic."

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