Thirty-five years after she first captured hearts around the world, The Bionic Woman is back! Jaime Sommers was introduced to the world as Steve Austin's fiancee in a two-part episode of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Now it's time to relive the love story, relive the missions, and relive all the Bionic action! Never intented to be a series, THE BIONIC WOMAN was brought about by public demand after children across the country were tramatized by watching Jaime Sommers die on the operating table! After falling in love with Steve Austin (Lee Majors), and surviving tragic skydiving accident which led to Bionic replacement of her legs, right arm and right ear, Jaime's body rejects her new limbs and she dies. But, that was only the beginning! Jaime is miraculously brought back to life, and spun-off into her own series. Wanting to pay off the debt she feels she owes to the government for rebuilding her, Jaime begins a new life in Ojai, California working as a school teacher, while also taking on top-secret missions for the OSI.

Created for television by Kenneth Johnson, THE BIONIC WOMAN is brought to life by the incredible performance of Lindsay Wagner. Not content to be a clone of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, THE BIONIC WOMAN brings more humor and heart to the series, while still retaining all the thrills and Bionic adventure. THE BIONIC WOMAN: SEASON ONE is the first ever release of the series in the US and Canada!

Introduced mid-season in 1976, the first 14 episodes of this series are complimented on this set by THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN introduction stories. I can easily say that the episodes have never looked so good. Digitally remastered, the episodes are brighter, sharper, and clearer than ever. All episodes are uncut and in their original broadcast structure. However, the main title sequence has been replaced throughout Season One with a version used in the first few episodes. There were actually several different main titles used during Season One, including a shorter version. This main title switcheroo is disappointing for longtime fans of the show, but probably won't be noticed by most consumers. Any mis-steps on this set are more than made up for by amazing episodes and fantastic bonus features. These include three incredible episode commentaries by Kenneth Johnson, a commentary by Alan J. Levi & James D. Parriott, a Gag Reel with outtakes from Season One, and the BIONIC BEGINNINGS featurette which includes new interviews with Lindsay Wagner and other cast & crew!

The four discs in the set each include static menus based on the packaging artwork. Here's a complete disc breakdown:

Disc One:
    Commentary with writer Kenneth Johnson
    Commentary with writer Kenneth Johnson
THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: The Return of the Bionic Woman
THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: The Return of the Bionic Woman Part II
Welcome Home, Jaime

Disc Two:
Welcome Home, Jaime Part II
Angel of Mercy (guest star Andy Griffith)
A Thing of the Past (guest star Donald O'Conner)
Claws (guest star Tippi Hedren)
The Deadly Missiles (guest star Forrest Tucker)

Disc Three:
Bionic Beauty (guest star Bert Parks)
Jaime's Mother (guest star Barbara Rush)
Winning is Everything (guest star Alejandro Rey)
Canyon of Death (guest star Gary Collins)
Bonus: Gag Reel
Bonus: Bionic Beginnings Featurette

Disc Four:
Fly Jaime (guest star Christopher Stone)
The Jailing of Jaime (guest star Barry Sullivan)
Mirror Image (guest star Don Porter)
    Commentary with director Alan J. Levi and writer James D. Parriott
The Ghosthunter (guest star Kristy McNichol)
    Commentary with creator and writer/director Kenneth Johnson
Bonus: Photo Gallery (featuring 45 rare and iconic photos from season one).

This set is more than a nostalgic trip back to the '70s. In a world where slow motion visual effects may seem old-school, this show retains the heart, moral center, and all the Bionic action that made it a pop culture pheonomenon. Wheather you are a first generation fan of this series or have recently discovered it, this is definitely one DVD set that every lover of classic television should have in their collection.

Technical Details:
Street Date: October 19, 2010
Copyright: 2010 Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Dual Layer Discs
Not Rated
English Subtitles

In the interest of full disclosure, this reviewer was a contributor to this DVD release. -- James Sherrard

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