There are two known out-take reels which were produced during the run of THE BIONIC WOMAN. Clips were collected throughout the year and compiled into reels which were shown at the 1976 and 1977 cast/crew Christmas parties. Even though the out-takes were never intended for public viewing, in the mid-1980s several of them did appear on TV'S BLOOPERS & PRACTICAL JOKES and LIFE'S MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS #7. The out-takes mainly consist of blown lines (usually followed by an expletive), goofs, and pranks. However, upon closer inspection, the out-takes show us more than just fun on the set. They give us a glimpse behind-the-scenes and show some of the production people that made this series a television classic.

1976 Out-Take Reel

Running Time 19:30

1977 Out-Take Reel

Running Time 17:00

Gag Reel 2

Running Time 8:35

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN also had its share of out-takes. Gag Reel 2 contains a prank on Sonny Bono, and clips from The Return Of The Bionic Woman, Welcome Home Jaime, The Secret Of Bigfoot, One Of Our Running Backs Is Missing, Fly Jaime, Kill Oscar, and more.

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